“Mastering PSLE Math for 2023: Insights and Techniques from Mr. Teng and Ace Scorers Enrichment Centre”

Ace Scorers Enrichment Centre is a tuition centre in Singapore that offers PSLE math and science classes both online and physically. Mr Teng, an experienced and well-qualified tutor, leads the PSLE math course, helping students to master the math concepts needed to excel in the exam.

What is the hardest PSLE paper?

Many students and educators would agree that the 2021 math paper was particularly challenging, with some sections posing difficult questions that required a high level of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

So, what is PSLE math Singapore?

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a national exam in Singapore taken by all students in their final year of primary school. The math component of the exam tests students on topics such as numbers, algebra, geometry, and measurement. The PSLE math exam requires students to not only have a good understanding of math concepts but also the ability to apply them to solve complex problems.

How to pass PSLE math?

This is a question that many students and parents ask. At Ace Scorers Enrichment Centre, Mr Teng teaches his students with a focus on building a strong foundation in the basics of math, with an emphasis on mastering problem-solving techniques. Through his structured teaching approach, students are able to identify and tackle difficult areas, and develop strategies to overcome these challenges.

How Mr Teng helped a student in PSLE Math?

One of Mr Teng’s students was struggling with psle math and was having difficulty understanding the overlapping area concept. With Mr Teng’s guidance, the student was able to grasp the concept quickly and confidently. Mr Teng also provided additional support to the student in understanding the concept of fraction nearest to a number, a topic that the student had struggled with previously. Watch – Top 10 PSLE questions related to PSLE Math and Locations and directions MCQ questions to get an idea of how Mr Teng’s approach and how he teaches.

Mr Teng has a knack for breaking down difficult math concepts into manageable parts, making it easier for his students to understand and apply them. He uses a variety of teaching techniques such as visual aids, interactive examples, and real-life scenarios to help his students learn more effectively. Read here for testimonials.

In the PSLE math course at Ace Scorers Enrichment Centre, students will cover topics such as difficult circle questions, difficult ratio MCQs, and remainder concept MCQs. They will also receive personalized attention from Mr Teng, who provides feedback and support to help them progress and excel.


Ace Scorers Enrichment Centre is located at 2A Maju Avenue and conducts both physical and online classes.

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