Mrs Ng/ Shermane Ng

It’s good, results speaks so!

  1. When I first saw ace scorer I wonder if it is helpful to send my kids there for tuition.
  2. After joining, found that the teachers are really caring to the students. I really appreciate Teacher Joyce for opening an additional Chemistry class to accommodate our timing. Salute to you!🏻

Definitely! Especially for sec chemistry. Have not tried the other subjects. It's good, results speaks so!

Mrs Goh/ Timothy Goh Ethan Goh
Secondary math and science

Yes I would recommend Ace Scorers

  1. Initially my concerns were can I trust this establishment? Are the teachers qualified and up to date with the current school syllabus? Location is not fantastic, no train service and there is always a traffic jam going to & from the centre.
  2. However after joining, found that Ms Joyce is the star of the centre. She takes special interest and shows a motherly concern towards the students & is ever so patient. Even thou she was not teaching my son Physics, she enquired about it and found him to be struggling with it. Thus offering to get him enrolled in the physics class. The centre tries to be accommodative when it comes to class schedules. The reception gals are great & responsive too!
  3. Yes I would recommend Ace Scorers as I find teachers like Ms Joyce to be very dedicated & shows concern in ensuring that my kids coping well in their studies.

Mrs Leow/ Leow Jian Yu, Leow Jian Chong, Leow Jian Jie
Economics, Sec 1 science, O Levels chemistry

All my boys have always come back saying how much they have understood each of their subjects better

Before joining we are concern about the quality of the teachers. That is, if the teacher is able to help better the understanding and management of the subject for the student. After joining Acescorers, we were impressed by the dedication of the teachers and staff. All my boys have always come back saying how much they have understood each of their subjects better after each lesson with Ms Joyce or Mr Teng. And I really appreciate how the staff keeps us updated on any issues.

Yes, of course I will recommend Ace Scorers! The centre has good teachers whom I believe will be able to help their kids as much as they have helped mine.👍😀

Mrs Tan/ Marcus Tan Maier Tan

Good and responsible teachers!

Initially we wonder whether if they are good n responsible teacher, environment conducive, convenient? But after my elder son gone through the tuition with Ms Joyce,  we are totally at ease that he is in good hands n so does my younger son.

  1. Not too big a class size. Which means our kids will have ample attention from the tutor.  Schedule flexible too is also appreciated
  2. Recommend? Sure, without doubt. Good n responsible teachers. Small class size, fees reasonable.
Well done n all the best!  Ms Joyce!!! 👍🏻👏🏻💪🏻

Mrs Tan/ Clarissa
Sec 3 Pure Chem

Staff were responsive

There was no hesitation after the tele conv with the staff n tutor, rather it was whether we are able to secure available slots. Staff were extremely responsive and there was open communication, our enquiries were duly replied. Yes will recommend others to join as we found the tutor to be genuine and sincere. Most of all our child looks forward to attend the classes

Mrs Toh/ Daniel & Deborah
Economics and P5 Math

Tutors never give up hope.

Ace Scorers is located near my home.I am impressed by the care and dedication of its teachers, especially Mr Teng, who taught my son since he was Sec 1. Unlike other tutors whom I have met, Mr Teng is a friend and inspiring mentor to his students, never giving up hope on them.

Yes I will recommend others to join. It has quality teachers and has a good academic record.

Mrs Soon/ Cavan Soon
JC 2 Chem

My daughter’s grades improved from E to B!

Before I signed up I worry that the tuition class size might be too big a group. Since 10 yrs ago when my daughter started having Sec Science tuition saw tremendous improve from grade E to a B. So there in still confidence, thus send my 2nd child to Ace Scorers.

Have recommended to many friends children.

Mrs Ang/ Jo-lie & Mi-la
IB Maths, Chem and Sec 3 Amaths

The tutors so far has been quite helpful and there’s a personal touch too from the administrators.

Most tuition centres I visited prior to Ace Scorers are very monetary minded.  The tutors are more interested in telling me the tuition fees rather than how they can help/services they offer.  Another tutor actually belittled IGCSE curriculum over Singapore school’s curriculum in front of me. i.e.  kids taking IGCSE are not as smart.

Ace scorers was the only tuition centre which did neither of this. I was really surprised and pleased.

The tutors so far has been quite helpful and there’s a personal touch too from the administrators. We really appreciate this.

We would definitely recommend ace scorers to our friends.

Congratulations on turning 10! It’s a huge milestone and may Ace Scorers continues with much success.

Reuben Zenas Soh
Sec 4 Pure Chem / St. Patrick's School

I appreciate chemistry more now

I understand various key concepts in Chemistry and also appreciate chemistry more. Ms Joyce has been very patient with us, especially in some concepts, such as Electrolysis and Organic Chemistry, which requires a lot of time to get used to doing. If we need any clarification, we can always consult Ms Joyce and she will be able to clarify our doubts. Areas of Improvement: After each lesson, I feel we should be given the answer sheet so that in the events that there are any questions one is not sure of, the following lesson will give some time to clarify the questions and also be able to proceed the next paper.

Edley ng

I believe I can now comprehend chemistry better

I believe I can now comprehend chemistry better. The teachers in the course can explain concepts very well and help me to understand chemistry. The questions they set are challenging and are able to challenge our minds to go beyond to critical thinking levels.

Chua Yun Xuan

My chemistry grades have also improved greatly.

I have become more confident when answering chemistry questions. My chemistry grades have also improved greatly. The course has helped me to understand concepts and know that chemistry isn’t so dull. The teacher is very helpful and approachable and allows us to stay back to clear our doubts.

Syed Abdullah Alkaff
Sec 4 Pure Chem / Victoria School

Approachable teacher, willing to help

I have been able to clarify any existing doubts I had in the subject (chemistry). Good practices given. Approachable teacher, willing to help. The location is alright. The teacher does not suck and the course is beneficial. The environment is also comfortable so there is no reason for potential students not to like it 🙂

Nadya Rachelle Tan Jen Mae Kool
Sec 4 Comb Chem / CHIJ Secondary School

Improved in Chemistry from a fail to a B in less than a year

I have improved in Chemistry from a fail to a B in less than a year and have discovered new study techniques to consolidate my learning. Through the guidance of Ms Joyce, I have learnt to love Chemistry and actually do well in it, I have improved a lot from a bad fail to a high B. I have also learnt many ways to consolidate my learning through the use of mindmaps and tables. Ms Joyce is really flexible in her teaching. She will normally give us worksheet to do and explain the questions we don’t understand. However, if she feels that we need some revision first, she will recap on the topics before proceeding with the lesson.

Yeo Hao Yue Damien

Gives me a better grip on the concepts

Manage to understand more and catch up a lot since I was very far behind. Gives me a better grip on the concepts. It is very informational and the teacher would help with any question that I did not understand and explain to me why is it like this.

Poh Jing Ting
Sec 4 Chem Intensive / Ngee Ann Secondary School

Ms Joyce is very caring and nice and smart.

The worksheet is very informative. Ms Joyce is very caring and nice and smart.

Jocelyn Choy
Sec 4 Chem Intensive / Anglican High School

Understand the concepts better

I understand the concepts better as well as learnt the answering techniques. Ms Joyce is very nice and explains clearly the concepts that are harder to understand.

Andre Lim Zhan Le
Sec 4 Pure Chem & Intensive / St. Andrew's Secondary School

Scored better grades in school examinations

I have scored better grades in school examinations after attending courses in Ace Scorers. Ms Joyce is very informative and friendly. She can gain the attention of all the students very well and constantly makes the lessons fun by cracking jokes. She is an excellent teacher overall and her teachings are always very clear.

Natalie Goh
Sec 4 Pure Chem & Intensive / St. Margaret's Secondary School

My results are improving!

My results have improved and I understand the concepts. Teacher Joyce is a very nice and patient teacher. She is very clear in her teaching. Thanks to her, my results are improving!

Benjamin Hecker
Sec 4 Chem & Physics / St. Patrick's School

Better understanding of topics

Better understood the topics/ got to practice many questions so I learn better and remember what I have learnt. The teachers are caring and answer questions well, with good explanations. The teachers get to know the students well and it creates a positive learning environment. I attended classes from Sec 2 – 4 and I was able to get A1 for my Physic and Bio.

Jazz Er

It made me more confident in my answers

It made me more confident in my answers. I learnt many Chemistry topics. It is a very fun place to learn! The teachers is very friendly and willing to answer any doubts. She explains each questions clearly and slowly so that the students can understand! Excellent!

Michelle Lim Jia Ying
Sec 4 Pure Chem / Manjusri Secondary School

Helped me attain a good result

Ace Scorers has provided me with a constant revision package that helped me attain a good result. Ms Joyce is very patient in explaining all my queries and is able to answer different types of questions. The course has a wide range of questions to suit students’ needs.

Priscilla Ong

Gained a greater exposure to any different questions

I’ve learnt how to answer MCQ questions with a very patient and understanding teacher who would stay back after class to clarify our doubts even if it meant eating into his own personal time. Although I joined AceScorers for a very short period, I feel that I have learnt quite a lot of tips in answering questions as well as gained a greater exposure to any different questions.

Shereen Begam
JC Chem / Temasek JC

lessons were very structured and in depth coverage on each topic

I am initially confused and struggling with basic mechanism and question approach and which are important and not important things in the syllabus, so I am indeed glad that Mr John made it clear on these aspects. I have been here since March/April, I benefitted a lot from it as the lessons were very structured and there was in depth coverage on each topic from the fundamentals to the tedious questions. Mr John will also go the extra mile to stay back and go through my doubts, which I am deeply appreciate of. Also, the last few intense sessions before Alevels, made my fear to do questions on a timed basis disappear as I was more confident before I went for the papers due to the vast exposure to the different prelims paper.

Kavin Mavani
JC 2 Chem (H2) / Meridian JC

understood my concepts to greater extent

I have understood my concepts to greater extent, with the help of additional knowledge from higher levels of chemistry. It gave me the confidence in taking on questions from topics I would usually skip. Ace Scorers have been effective and efficient in providing its students an all-rounded education for Chemistry. They have provided essential materials and knowledge that will help one to achieve the highest grade at A levels. The teachers’ crisp knowledge about every topic rendered off any time delay in answering the student’s query. In all, the H2 Chemistry course that I attended has helped me to strive for a career in Chemistry with utmost confidence and desire.

Bhavesh Hiranand Chainani
JC 2 Chem (H2) / Meridian JC

My Chemistry has been constantly improving thanks to him

My understanding for Chemistry has improved tremendously and I am able to break down the questions in an easier manner. I am able to appreciate this subject even more by learning about more than just the fundamental concepts required by the syllabus, hence allowing me to further improve regarding this course. Ace Scorers has been an amazing medium for me to understand subjects which I am weak in. Mr John Soh is very skilled at making us understand and prepare for possible questions and scenarios during exams by constantly refreshing our minds on topics which we are weak in. He is willing to stay back after class for consultation regarding questions and content of which we are unsure of. My Chemistry has been constantly improving thanks to him.

Jordan Tan
Sec 4 Comb Physics / Ngee Ann Secondary School

Ms Joyce made the lesson fun and interesting

I think that Ms Joyce made the lesson fun and interesting which helped me in my physics Olvl. Ms Joyce is really nice and understanding. She also ensures that we understand and learn everything we need in the most fun manner possible.

Ken Rui Hang

Concepts are presented in a clear and concise manner

Concepts are presented in a clear and concise manner. Overall, Mr Soh is able to explain the chemistry concepts in a clear manner , helping me to grasp them better.

Nadya Kool
JC Econs

Really enjoyed being in Mr Teng’s Class.

Very well, learnt outside useful knowledge, strategy for A levels, Qns analysts and more! Mr Teng is a very caring and approachable teacher who spares no expense in giving us everything we need to prepare us for A levels. He not only teaches us the best strategy to attack Alevels qns but also gives us real life examples which we can apply as well into our essay and help us understand case studies. Really enjoyed being in Mr Teng’s Class.

Tay Sin-E
O level Pure Chem Intensive Course / St. Anthony Canossian Secondary School

My Chemistry was improved greatly

My Chemistry was improved greatly, I am also more confident in answering chemistry questions. Ms Joyce is very friendly and helpful. She is very clear with her explanation and is very patient with us. The amount of work given was manageable too. It is very good 🙂

Ting Ai Li, Ai
O level Pure Chem Intensive Course / St. Anthony Canossian Secondary School

Able to understand Chemistry even more

I have learnt many answering skills and is more knowledgeable about Chemistry. Ms Joyce was very nice and friendly, and was patient in going through each question. The question was nicely broken down and easy to digest, hence I was able to understand Chemistry even more. It is very good.

Gerald Lim
JC 2 Maths (H2) / Tampines JC

Gained greater knowledge and methods

Gained greater knowledge and methods. The teacher is good and helps me understand concepts which I am unclear about. The study environment is comfortable and conducive.

Classes are engaging and enjoyable

I have learn more about the chemistry topic and have a better understanding of it. The teacher is very patient and knowledgeable. I have understood the topic better and my chemistry results have been improving. The classes are engaging and enjoyable and I look forward to attending classes. I am now more interested in this subject.

Timothy Wong
Sec 4 Comb Chem / St. Patrick's School

Lessons are very productive

When I joined half a year ago, I was getting D7-C5 in Chemistry. Now, I can easily score B3 and above. I highly recommend this centre to anyone, from an FAS student to an A1 student. The lessons are very productive and a lot can be learnt. The classrooms are very neat and provides a conducive learning environment. The teacher, Ms Joyce, is always on task and explains queries until the students understand.

Samantha Yap
Sec 4 Pure Chem / Anglican High School

lesson is quite effective

I am exposed to different questions and learnt a lot from it. The lesson is quite effective and I picked up skills from it. The teacher is very patient and I am glad I came to this tuition. Areas of improvement: Before Olevels or School exams, there might be a course to allow students to attend for it (full day) might be better to revise the content.

Chan Sue Yee Abery

course is effective

Reinforced Concepts. Clarification on misunderstanding and sentence structure to earn marks. Thumbs up! Ms Joyce is very caring and tries her best to understand and help her students. The course is effective in reinforcing and clarifying key concepts and keywords.

Teachers are patient and caring

Learn better and practiced more. Teachers are patient and caring. Practice papers given are relevant and well-suited to my needs.

Koh Jing Jie Kenneth
Sec 4 Pure Chem & Pure Physics / Anglican High School

Better able to cope with the subject

I feel that I have been given the opportunity to structuralize revision better for myself and also provides an open door for questions that I may have. Ms Joyce of the Pure Chemistry Classes has been a patient, enthusiastic teacher whom has been more than delightful to help in my every red in the subject as well as cater to my timetable whenever I am unable to make it for lessons on usual days. The 1 to 1 Chemistry Course has not only improved my understanding of the subject, but also developed a love for it. As a result, I am better able to cope with the subject in the long run, in the lead up to the O level exams.

Janelle Sim
P6 Science Intensive

Managed to improve in my Science

I learned how to answer Science concepts and learn MCQs clearly. I managed to improve in my Science.

Adalene Loh Yu Zhen
P6 Science Intensive

Improve tremendously in my maths and Science

I have learnt how to answer the questions properly and improved by 27 marks. In Ace Scorers, I have learnt how to answer ‘explain’ and ‘give a reason’ questions. I has allowed me to improve tremendously in my maths and Science. Mr Teng is understanding and resourceful. Thank you Ace Scorers for regaining my confidence.

Faith Lim
Sec 4 Pure Chem

More confident in concepts of chemistry

I’ve become more confident in linking and recalling concepts of chemistry greatly. The teachers, Ms Joyce, is very kind and patient and made the whole experience very enjoyable!

Christabelle Hng

Understand topics better

More able to answer questions. Understand topics better. Actually feel like I know what I’m doing. The course is very helpful and very useful in helping me understand chemistry topics and concepts. The teacher is also very helpful and very willing to clear doubts. Overall it’s helpful and has helped me in chemistry.

Jared See

showed improvement in my studies

I showed improvement in my studies, especially in Amaths. I would certainly like to thank Mr Vijay and Ms Joyce for helping me improve my Chemistry and Amaths. Thank you for your time with me in Ace Scorers and Thank you for really helping me apply the knowledge you have taught me to improve my studies. Areas of Improvement: more revision on certain topics students are weak in.

Tang Chia Wei
Chemistry and Physics / CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School

Improve my grades with constant revision

Ms Joyce has helped me sharpen my understanding of the topics and in answering techniques. The course has helped me maintain and improve my grades with constant revision. Ms Joyce patiently explains topics and concepts in an easily understandable manner. Thank you 🙂

Chan Ping Siong Alex

Best tuition tutors

They are very kind and patient. Knowledgeable. Ms Joyce and Mr Teng are very patient and understanding, probably the best tuition tutor. Areas of Improvement: perfect tuition!! No need improve

Natalie Chua

Thank you Ace Scorers!

I have been more aware of the mistakes I’ve made and my chemistry have improved! I am also less scared/worried when it comes to chemistry test/examinations. Ms Joyce is an extremely caring and patient teacher who is well-versed with chemistry and ever-ready to help her students. Ms Joyce have pointed out mistakes that I have made and definitely made me more confident and sensitive when answering chemistry questions. Other than improving my grades, I have enjoyed the process of learning chemistry in greater detail. Chemistry has also become the subject I wish to pursue in my further education. I also really appreciate both the structure and flexibility this course has. Ms Joyce would really go the extra mile to make sure you grasp the concept! Thank you Ace Scorers!

Cheam Jia Wei
Sec 4 Pure Chem & Pure Physics / Maris Stella High School

Learnt useful information not taught in school

I have cleared my doubts. I have learnt useful information not taught in school. Useful and helpful. Teacher is willing to help students when they need it. Area of Improvement: The air con very cold.

Clayton Chim
Sec 4 Comb Chem / Maris Stella High School

The teachers are very nice

I have improved my results and learnt a lot of things. The teachers are very nice, they would help us in various ways to improve our subjects. My results has improved exponentially, I enjoyed myself during the lessons as I learned a lot of things in very interesting and engaging way. Areas of Improvement: No. This place is perfect.

Yap Woon Kiat Jonan
Sec 4 Comb Chem / Maris Stella High School

My results has improved exponentially

My knowledge of chemistry was broadly expanded. I had no prior knowledge of chemistry before attending the course. The teachers are very nice, they would help us in various ways to improve our subjects. My results has improved exponentially. I enjoyed myself during these lessons as I learned a lot of things in a very interesting and engaging ways. Areas of Improvement: No. This place is perfect.

Gerald Tan
Sec 4 Comb Chem & Physics

Knowledge of chemistry was broadly expanded

My knowledge of chemistry was broadly expanded. I had no prior knowledge of the subject before attending the course. The teachers here are super nice. The various staff here are friendly and helpful. My results improved exponentially. I am grateful to everyone here for helping me. They made my experience here enjoyable. Areas of Improvement: No. This place is perfect.

Ang Yu Ze
Sec 4 Comb Chem / Maris Stella High School

Improved tremendously in the short span of 3 months

I have benefitted a lot, from the knowledge of an ant to the knowledge of a god. I have become a god in Chemistry, and learned more things than I have in Maris Stella High School, and in other tuition. I have benefitted through the many practices and worksheets given, which allowed me to practice a lot and improve. Lovely tuition, lovely companies to motivate me studying. I have improved tremendously in the short span of 3 months compared to other tuitions. The courses were very useful and the teacher was very nice and patient with our rowdiness. Areas of Improvement: Nothing. Cuz it’s perfect.

Aario Chia
Sec 4 Comb Chem / Maris Stella High School

Most fun tuition I have had

I learnt a lot more than in School. It is very good. It is the best. Could not be better. It is the best. Words cannot describe how good it is. It is the most fun tuition I have had.

Rachel Yap

The teachers are reliable in their teaching and help.

I was able to clear my doubts on the topics I had been struggling with. The lessons acts as a guidance and extra help to propel me to get better grades. The teachers are very patient and friendly. They are reliable in their teaching and help. The course enables me to do better with the help and clarifications. Areas of Improvement: More practice tests. It would be better if we can cover more topics + qns in class. Timed practices are helpful, should have more.

Benedict Chia

My results have improved

I am able to better understand Amaths after attending the course and my results has improved. Ms Joyce is a kind and caring teacher who shows her genuine concern for her students and is not afraid to get strict. She helped me improve my Amaths grade and I am able to better understand now.

Lim Yu Jie

Benefited from the lessons

Helped me in my Sec 4 topics that I’m weaker in. The teacher, Ms Joyce, is able to teach the class things beyond the Sec 4 syllabus and as for the Sec 4 topics, she can teach it well. I have definitely benefited from the Sec 4 Pure Chemistry course/lessons as my grades are showing it.

Leow Peng Soon
JC 2 Econs / Innova JC

Explains the concept clearly

The Economics concept taught was concise and it provided me a wide range of information that is needed for my examinations. Mr Teng explains the concept clearly for every question, giving examples that can work when attempting the questions from different perspective. He also ensures that the student has the right thought process before moving on, allowing better grasp of the economic knowledge taught.

Natalie Toh
Sec 4 Comb Chem / Punggol Secondary School

Teacher is very patient and encouraging

Understanding improve. The teacher is very patient and encouraging. She make sure that the student understand the subject well.

Sai Cho Wie
Sec 4 Comb Chem / Maris Stella High School

My chemistry grades improve tremendously

The Chemistry Class has enabled me to understand the subject better. Ace Scorers has helped my chemistry grades improve tremendously. Ms Joyce makes the lesson very interesting and has helped me widen my chemistry knowledge as she teaches many useful and important tips to understand the subject easier.

Suki Lim Shuqi

Improved and picked up more knowledge on chemistry

I have improved in my chemistry and picked up more knowledge on chemistry. The teacher’s really nice and patient. The course is very benefitting.

Li Wen Jin

Lessons in Ace Scorers are useful and effective

The teachers were easy-going and there were many useful tips been taught during class. Lessons in Ace Scorers are useful and effective. Teachers are easy-going and caring. The course is very helpful to me. Area of Improvement: hope that the lesson timing can be more flexible, more worksheets for the students will be useful.

Kee Ga Mun
JC 2 Maths (H2) / Catholic JC

A lot of opportunities and time to clarify all my doubts

I have had a lot of opportunities and time to clarify all my doubts and I feel the subject is much less intimidating now. I attended JC 2 Math at the later part of the year as I found that I was struggling. Although it was the second part of the year and it was quite late, I integrated into the class well. The teacher is very willing to help with any types of question no matter how easy or difficult it may seem and I’m not afraid to ask even the simplest questions. The teacher gives a lot of advice, tips and reminders. The centre provides a very conducive and interactive place to study and the classes make the subject much more enjoyable. There are also sweets provided in class 🙂

Leow Jian Jie
JC 2 Econs (H2) / Yishun JC

Clarity in content, structure

Clarity in content, structure. Clear teaching, efficient within time schedule.

Angela Tan

Improved and become more interested in chemistry

I have improved and become more interested in chemistry. Ms Joyce is extremely friendly and helpful, especially when she is teaching a topic which most students find difficulty in understanding. She is patient, understanding and caring to all her students. She does not mind spending extra time repeating the same concept to ensure that all students can grasp what she is teaching. Areas of Improvement: Provide more consultation sessions nearing exams.

Christine Lu
Sec 3 Pure Chem / Methodist Girls' School

Clearer understanding on topics

A clearer understanding on topics that I am unsure about. Eg. Mole Concepts. Both the teacher and course have been greatly appreciated. There is a thorough teaching style which covers any queries or doubts. Areas of Improvement: More practice questions during class.

Alexis Wong
Mole Concept Workshop / Cedar Girls' Secondary School

Made me develop more of an interest in chemistry

I have improved on my knowledge of the mole concepts especially the application of mole in different qns. I am much more confident in doing mole related questions right now which is great since I would usually tend to leave mole related blank and go back to attempt them if I have time after finishing the rest of the paper. Ms Joyce is very clear in explaining the concepts and this new understanding of mole has made me develop more of an interest in chemistry.

Ang Jo-lie

Understand the concepts I was unsure of

The teacher have helped me understand the concepts I was unsure of. Ace Scorers has been very helpful in helping me in my studies. All my teachers have been very enthusiastic in their teaching. I am very grateful for the time and effort they put into the lessons. Areas of Improvement: perhaps provide more notes.

Javen Tan Yin Ruay

Better understanding of Chemistry

I have been able to obtain exercises on topics that are in my school syllabus but outside of the O level syllabus. Mdm Joyce, the teacher, has been helpful and understanding, and will patiently explain any concepts we do not understand. The course has allowed me to a better understanding of Chemistry.

Soh Zheng Hao Bryan
Sec 4 Pure Chem & Pure Physics / St. Joseph's Institution

Enjoyed my learning experience

I have learnt many things I never knew. I was able to clarify questions and concepts I did not understand. During my one year in Sec 4 in Ace Scorers, I have enjoyed my learning experience while learning more about Physics and Chemistry. It made my learning for both Sciences more interesting and easier. Both my teachers, Ms Joyce and Ms Hwee Lee are great teachers who have greatly helped me in the improving my sciences from Sec 3, consistently helping me and not giving up on me. Area of Improvements: If possible, more timings for physics lesson.

Queenie Siah
Sec 4 Pure Chem / Gan Eng Seng School

My results showed drastic improvement

Learnt new techniques and also different chemistry concepts. It allowed me know how to tackle certain questions and understand key concepts. The teacher, Ms Joyce is very patient and detailed in her teaching. I joined chemistry tuition quite late this year but I managed to learn a lot and my results also showed drastic improvement. Before joining the tuition, I used to fail my chemistry exams because I has a weak foundation, but Ms Joyce identified the areas I was weaker in and explained the concepts clearly. Whenever I have any doubts, I can always ask her even if its after lesson time.

Tan Gladys
Sec 4 Pure Chem / Gan Eng Seng School

Teacher is patient in explaining concepts

I understand many concepts that I was unclear previously. Explanation by tuition teacher is clear and easily understood. The teacher is patient in explaining concepts, very patient and friendly. The course provides many revision exercises for us to practice and when in doubt, the teacher will explain with examples to help us better understand things. Overall, staff in Ace Scorers are friendly and welcoming, the course allow me to benefit a lot from it.

Alicia Poh
JC 2 Physics (H2) / Nanyang JC

Understood the subject better

I have understood the subject better and I have managed to improve quite a bit for my school examinations. Ace Scorers has a very nice and friendly atmosphere in general as both the receptionist and teachers there are helpful and approachable. My Physics teacher has been very helpful as he does not hesitate to offer help during class and even after class. He makes sure that I understood certain topics and he is willing to repeat certain concepts to me as I can be slow to get on at times. The course is properly paced and the work and notes given are sufficient for my revision.

Jessica Lee
JC 2 Physics (H2) / Nanyang JC

Learnt and understand the concepts better

I have learnt and understand the concepts better. I think that the class size is just right for me and I am able to learn well from the teacher because he is able to explain clearly and illustrate the concepts well. Moreover, I am able to clarify my doubts even with respect to schoolwork with the teacher. The teacher also provides extra work so that I can check that I understand.

Timothy Elliot Goh

Learnt important techniques

I have learnt important techniques.

Jolene Tan

Teacher Clear to understand

It gives me more practice on the topics that I do not know. The teacher are clear to understand and very patient in teaching.

Tan Zhao Tong
JC 2 Econs / Temasek JC

Makes learning exams easier and more fun (enjoyable)

Mr Teng helps us to consolidate our Economics knowledge and gave real world examples so we can understand the concepts faster. The teachers are kind and understanding. Mr Teng is willing to explain and answer our questions patiently. Econs lesson has helped me to consolidate and revise econs knowledge that was unclear in school. It makes learning exams easier and more fun (enjoyable).

Dawn Long
JC 2 Econs & GP / Victoria JC

More confident about answering questions

Economics: Regular revision of content and extremely helpful exam strategies by going through questions. Mr Teng was extremely helpful during lessons. He is open to questions and is very knowledgeable about Economics. He explains the topics very well and make the topics easy to understand. He simplifies the thought process and I am more confident about answering questions GP: Learnt useful skills and picked up proper exam techniques. Ms Vasun is very clear in explaining the requirements of the paper and I feel very confident in tackling the paper under her guidance.

Tan Gladys
Sec 4 Pure Physics / Gan Eng Seng School

Useful and it benefited me

I think that the course was useful and it benefited me as I am able to better understand unclear concepts and clarify any doubts. The teacher is friendly and approachable. I can always ask the teacher when I am in doubt. The staff in the centre are also friendly and welcoming, assisting me whenever I need answer keys and paying tuition fee.

Mico Austria
Sec 4 Pure Chem & Pure Physics / St. Patrick's School

10/10, good lessons!

Lmao what do you think? I’ve definitely improved in my understanding of Chemistry and Physics as my foundation has been strengthened. 10/10, good lessons. Ace Scorers has been very flexible and generous in terms of lessons given, information passed down etc. Mdm Joyce has done an excellent job in helping my chemistry. Mr Chan is very insightful and never fails to amaze me in Physics. Area of Improvements: Longer sessions, about 2 hours.

Victoria Chantel Wee

Improve my chem from F9 to B3

It has helped me improve my chem from F9 to B3. Ms Joyce is really very nice and helpful 🙂 She’s very patient too. I’ve learnt quite a lot from the classes and they helped me understand more of chem and prepared me for my O levels.

Benjamin Ng
Sec 4 Pure Chem / Pierce Secondary School

Lessons were very clear and helpful

I have understood the chapters in Chemistry better. Lessons were very clear and helpful in helping me understand the topics better.

Brandon Tang

Grades improved from a C5 to an A1

Managed to learn much more than from school lessons. A great improvement in grades after an exam. My grades improves from a C5 to an A1 during the CA1 2016, and has constantly maintained at a grade of A1 for my prelim 1 and 2. I’ve only started scoring As in any exams ever since I joined Ace Scorers.

Kee Jia Jin
Mole Concept Workshop / Chung Cheng High School

Learnt and understand Mole Concept

I learnt and understand Mole Concept. The course is ok, time too short.

Donovan Seow
Sec 4 Pure Chem / Pierce Secondary School

Benefited and learned from Ace Scorers

I think that I have benefited and learned from Ace Scorers. Ace Scorers is a good tuition that did improve my grades but due to some personal reason that I have to leave Ace Scorers. But if possible I would immediately come back to this tuition centre.

Lauren Lim
Sec 4 Pure Chem / CHIJ St. Joseph's Convent

Made the concepts clearer.

Has made the concepts clearer. Ms Joyce has been very patient in explaining the concepts and clearing my doubts through this course, I have been exposed to more questions which has taught me how to do application qns more easily.

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