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In the quest for PSLE success, parents often seek reliable study guides to support their children’s academic journey. At AceScorers, we understand the importance of quality resources in achieving educational milestones. That’s why we’ve meticulously curated the top 10 PSLE study guides every parent must have. From comprehensive subject coverage to effective study strategies, these guides are essential tools for unlocking your child’s full potential in the Primary School Leaving Examination.


  1. AceScorers PSLE Success Guide:
    • Developed by expert tutors at AceScorers, this comprehensive guide covers all PSLE subjects, providing in-depth explanations, practice questions, and exam strategies tailored for success.
  2. Math Mastery: PSLE Math Guide:
    • Dive deep into PSLE math concepts with this comprehensive guide, featuring step-by-step explanations, practice problems, and tips to tackle challenging questions.
  3. English Excellence: PSLE English Companion:
    • Enhance your child’s English proficiency with this indispensable guide, offering grammar rules, vocabulary-building exercises, and strategies for acing the English paper.
  4. Science Explorer: PSLE Science Handbook:
    • Explore the wonders of science with this engaging guide, packed with interactive experiments, concept clarifications, and practice papers to reinforce learning.
  5. AceScorers Exam Tactics: PSLE Strategy Manual:
    • Master exam techniques and time management skills with this strategic guide, designed to help students navigate the PSLE exam confidently and efficiently.
  6. Effective Revision: PSLE Revision Planner:
    • Stay organized and focused with this handy planner, featuring customizable study schedules, progress trackers, and revision tips for optimal exam preparation.
  7. AceScorers Practice Papers: PSLE Mock Exams:
    • Test your knowledge and gauge exam readiness with our curated collection of PSLE mock exams, modeled after the actual examination format and difficulty level.
  8. AceScorers Online Resources: PSLE e-Learning Hub:
    • Access additional study materials, video tutorials, and interactive quizzes through our online e-learning platform, designed to complement classroom learning and revision.
  9. AceScorers Parent’s Guide: Supporting Your Child Through PSLE:
    • Empower yourself with valuable tips and strategies for supporting your child’s PSLE journey, from managing stress to fostering a positive study environment at home.
  10. AceScorers Success Stories: Inspiring PSLE Achievements
    • Draw inspiration from real-life success stories of AceScorers students who have excelled in the PSLE, showcasing the effectiveness of our tuition programs and study guides.


Equip your child for PSLE success with the top 10 study guides recommended by AceScorers. With our expertly crafted resources and personalized tuition programs, we’re committed to helping every student achieve their academic goals and excel in the Primary School Leaving Examination. Reach out to AceScorers today to start your child’s journey towards academic excellence!

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