Meet Mr Teng: Your Expert PSLE Math Tutor at Ace Scorers

psle math tutor
psle math tutor

Introducing Mr Teng: Your PSLE Math Problem Solving Expert

Meet Mr Teng, your dedicated PSLE Math tutor at Ace Scorers Enrichment Centre. With a wealth of experience and a passion for creative teaching methods, Mr Teng is committed to helping students excel in PSLE Math without unnecessary stress.

Qualifications and Experience

Mr Teng holds a BSc in Computational Mathematics from NUS and has been privately serving the needs of parents and students in Serangoon Gardens and Marine Parade since 2008. His extensive experience in teaching PSLE Math and Lower Secondary Science and Maths has made him a sought-after tutor in the area.

Innovative Teaching Approach

Mr Teng’s passion for creative ways to study led him to establish Ace Scorers Enrichment Centre, where he and his team have developed programs that have benefited many students. His innovative teaching approach focuses on providing students with effective techniques and strategies to tackle PSLE Math problem solving with confidence.

Notable Achievements

Mr Teng’s dedication to teaching excellence is evident in his notable achievements, including being one of the two Singapore representatives at the World Memory Championship in Guang Zhou, China in 2010. His ability to memorize 480 binary digits and perform other amazing memory feats reflects his commitment to pushing the boundaries of learning and understanding.

Testimonials from Satisfied Students

Here’s what some of Mr Teng’s students have to say about their experience at Ace Scorers:

  • “I have learnt the different methods and techniques to overcome the questions and also to identify what type of question it is. The teachers are really friendly and approachable.” – Li Xuan, Xing Hua Primary
  • “I benefited from knowing how to solve the difficult methods to do difficult questions. The teacher is a kind teacher whom can help me with my work if I don’t know how to solve the question.” – Jackey Xuan, Zhong Hua Primary School
  • “I have benefited and learnt much from Ace Scorers such as learning new techniques to solve problem sums.” – Thaddeus Lim, Catholic High School
  • “I learnt different methods and strategies to solve the questions. The teachers are very kind and I can ask them for help when I am in doubt.” – Katrina, PLMGPS

Join Mr Teng at Ace Scorers Today!

Ready to experience the difference Mr Teng can make in your PSLE Math journey? Join Ace Scorers Enrichment Centre today and unlock your full potential in PSLE Math problem solving. Contact us now to learn more about our tuition programs, enrollment options, and class schedules.

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