Remove Your Child’s Insecurity, Anxiety And Fear To Transform Them Into The Powerful, Confident, PSLE Math Problem Solver!

Has your child ever did badly in a Math exam due to Problem Sums?

Has your child ever been doing well for Math daily work… but gotten so nervous and uptight during exam that he/ she suddenly have mind block… and lost the marks?

Has your child ever been very good in a certain topic but became insecure all of a sudden during exam…just because your child do not know how to do questions from other topics?

Have you ever secretly wondered … how other children keep getting A for Math?

Has your child’s marks been fluctuating up and down… and when they do well it is because they are lucky the questions were familiar and deep down you know that your child cannot be lucky every time?

Well, if you’re like many parents were, when they first started working on their child’s “Math Problem Sums,” then you’ve been in one or more of these situations… probably many times.


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The REAL Reason Some Students Will Always Not Do Well for Math – And What To Do About It

Since we first started our PSLE Math Problem Sums courses,” We’ve seen a lot of students making the same mistake: They try to solve the problem sums with technique. Some students go to different Teachers…learnt techniques after techniques ….learning a heuristics won’t help you escape your crippling lack of confidence and self-esteem. There are simply too many techniques to remember! You will confuse yourself! These “Problem Sum” issues must be addressed at the CORE! A heuristic technique will almost never work for a student who doesn’t have his Math issues handled. For instance, we’d teach a student a great heuristic technique to solve before and after questions… but he’d come back to tell us that he just couldn’t do it. We’d say “what do you mean?” and he’d say that for some reason, he didn’t even TRY. The problem was bigger than having the technique

In fact, having the heuristic technique only made things WORSE for the student… because now he had what he THOUGHT he needed… but it STILL didn’t work. He only became more frustrated… and started to feel bad about HIMSELF.

Heuristics and other techniques can be GREAT… but a heuristic technique won’t cure your child’s fear of doing problem sums. It also won’t get rid of his/ her fear of getting questions wrong. Or their deeply rooted Math insecurities. Or their bad habits like carelessness that throw away marks. Above all, learning a few “technique” and “tricks” won’t help your child escape their crippling lack of confidence and self-esteem. These “Math Problem Sum” issues must be addressed at the CORE. The changes must come from INSIDE… not from the outside.

And the good news, as your child master the inner monsters like fear, anxiety, insecurity, and laziness, you’ll see that your child’s “outside” success with Math and Problem Sums will improve BY ITSELF.     Smash Through The Internal Barrier That’s Holding Your Child Back From Success With



PSLE Math Problem Sums

Learn simple techniques to solve the following types of difficult problem sums.

1. Before and After

2. Value and Units

3. Gap and Difference

4. Average

5. Ratio Tree

6. Guess and Check

7. Work backwards

PSLE Math Problem Solving Testimonials

I have learnt the different methods and techniques to overcome the questions and also to identify what type of question it is. The teachers are really friendly and approachable. The courses are really helpful as I get to learn how to answer the different types of questions and it also exposed me to many questions so that I would be able to know how to do the question when it comes out in PSLE. – Li Xuan – Xing Hua Primary 

I benefited from knowing how to solve the difficult methods to do difficult questions.  Jackey Xuan – Zhong Hua Primary School

I have benefited and learnt much from Ace Scorers such as learning new techniques to solve problem sums.  Thaddeus Lim – Catholic High School

I learnt different methods and strategies to solve the questions. The teachers are very kind and I can aask them for help when I am in doubt. The lessons help me improve my Math. Katrina – PLMGPS

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