Online Tuition in Singapore

Dear Parents/ Students

We are currently offering online tuition for students who are staying too far to travel to our locations.

Online tuition will be a service like normal one to one tuition except that the student does not have to come to the centre physically. The requirements will be either a computer, tablet or handphone with Skype installed.

Benefits of Skype Online Tuition

Get the right tutor for you, not the nearest tutor. Why should you settle for a nearby tutor who may or may not be the right one for you? With online tutoring you can find the best tutor for you, no matter where you are based.

More engagement. Nowadays children are extremely tech savvy and they feel at home amidst the familiar online environment which is often associated with pleasurable activities. Online tuition also provides the ability to add colour, drawing and video which makes the lesson more interesting.

Students can attend lessons from anywhere with an internet connection. Perhaps your children live in between each parent’s house or in between the family home and boarding school, with online tuition you can stick with the same tutor all year round no matter where the student is all you need is your computer, tablet or even smart phone.

No need for you to waste time travelling. With the hectic schedule of the modern family it can be difficult to squeeze everything in. Travelling to drop off and pick up the kids from their tutor’s house can be difficult to cram in. With online tuition your child will get all the tuition they need from the comfort of the family home; rain or shine you’ll be comfy and cosy.

You can revisit a lesson at any time to revise the material covered with your tutor. You can record the lesson on your computer. Once the tutor has left, students can still go over the material as if the tutor were still there by playing back the recording of the lesson. Parents can also monitor what the child is studying.

Here are some demo of the online classes in session for Primary, Secondary and JC students.

Do contact us if you require such service.

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