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Circle equations can be a bit of a nightmare, but fear not! Mr Teng is here to share his top tips and tricks for smashing those tricky PSLE Math questions.
Meet Ms Joyce Lee, the brilliant chemistry tutor with a BSc in Chemistry and expertise in O and A levels. With her fun and engaging teaching style, chemistry has never been more exciting!
Ms Joyce Lee - Best Female Chemistry Tutor in Singapore 2023! "Chemistry is like a magical potion, and Ms Joyce Lee is the fairy godmother who unlocks its secrets!" exclaimed one of her students. With her sparkling personality and infectious enthusiasm, Ms Joyce Lee has become the go-to tutor for students seeking to score top marks in chemistry. Her unique teaching style blends the best of traditional teaching methods with innovative digital tools, making every lesson an exciting adventure. So if you want to ace your chemistry exams, look no further than Ms Joyce Lee - the best female chemistry tutor in Singapore 2023!
Get a head start on acing your O Levels in 2023 with the best chemistry tuition around! Don't wait, start your revisions now and watch your grades soar!
Click the link below to download the formulas Throughout my student life, I have relied on formula sheets to get A1 for Math. Here is one such copy for O levels Emath. Everything you need to know condensed into 3 pages of A4 size. Yes 3 pages nicely typed format. Can keep in your phones! […]
PSLE Eng Intensive by Ms Vasun Techniques of Compo & Situational writing & Comprehension. Grammar, Vocab & sentence synthesis will be revised. 14 Mar (Wed) 1.30pm – 5.30pm PSLE Math Intensive by Mr Max To fully prepare PSLE students with the topical revisions in Math during the holidays. For Math, the techniques of Problem solving will […]
PSLE INTENSIVE COURSE Subject Schedule Start Date  Teacher English Every Saturday 5.30pm – 7pm 23-Jul-16 Ms Vasun Science Every Saturday 4.30pm – 6pm 23-Jul-16 Mr Teng Math **Every Tuesday 6pm – 7.30pm 26-Jul-16 Mr Teng Note: There is a total of 10 sessions for each subject & students are compulsory to sign up all sessions […]
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