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The video explores whether there is such a thing as a good or bad PSLE score. Mr Teng discusses the history and purpose of the PSLE exam and argues that the idea of a good or bad score is subjective and depends on individual circumstances. He also emphasize the importance of focusing on personal growth […]
Mr Teng had a jolly good time discussing the PSLE science question with students. The topic was on why a glass inside a wooden cupboard can be seen.
PSLE Eng Intensive by Ms Vasun Techniques of Compo & Situational writing & Comprehension. Grammar, Vocab & sentence synthesis will be revised. 14 Mar (Wed) 1.30pm – 5.30pm PSLE Math Intensive by Mr Max To fully prepare PSLE students with the topical revisions in Math during the holidays. For Math, the techniques of Problem solving will […]
This article is part 2 of the series in which part 1 can be seen here. In this article we will discuss how to carefully answer PSLE science structured questions that asks you to give a reason.   Here is an example of a question.                       […]
PSLE Science structured questions demand complete and comprehensive answers.  The most common problem among students is that they are unable to write the keywords that the answer guide provides and hence are unable to score. Other problems include strict marking by Teachers which is rigid and leads to rote learning instead of learning concepts. Refer […]
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