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I understand various key concepts in Chemistry and also appreciate chemistry more. Ms Joyce has been very patient with us, especially in some concepts, such as Electrolysis and Organic Chemistry, which requires a lot of time to get used to doing. If we need any clarification, we can always consult Ms Joyce and she will […]
I believe I can now comprehend chemistry better. The teachers in the course can explain concepts very well and help me to understand chemistry. The questions they set are challenging and are able to challenge our minds to go beyond to critical thinking levels.
I have become more confident when answering chemistry questions. My chemistry grades have also improved greatly. The course has helped me to understand concepts and know that chemistry isn’t so dull. The teacher is very helpful and approachable and allows us to stay back to clear our doubts.
I have been able to clarify any existing doubts I had in the subject (chemistry). Good practices given. Approachable teacher, willing to help. The location is alright. The teacher does not suck and the course is beneficial. The environment is also comfortable so there is no reason for potential students not to like it 🙂
I have improved in Chemistry from a fail to a B in less than a year and have discovered new study techniques to consolidate my learning. Through the guidance of Ms Joyce, I have learnt to love Chemistry and actually do well in it, I have improved a lot from a bad fail to a […]
Manage to understand more and catch up a lot since I was very far behind. Gives me a better grip on the concepts. It is very informational and the teacher would help with any question that I did not understand and explain to me why is it like this.
The worksheet is very informative. Ms Joyce is very caring and nice and smart.
I understand the concepts better as well as learnt the answering techniques. Ms Joyce is very nice and explains clearly the concepts that are harder to understand.
I have scored better grades in school examinations after attending courses in Ace Scorers. Ms Joyce is very informative and friendly. She can gain the attention of all the students very well and constantly makes the lessons fun by cracking jokes. She is an excellent teacher overall and her teachings are always very clear.
My results have improved and I understand the concepts. Teacher Joyce is a very nice and patient teacher. She is very clear in her teaching. Thanks to her, my results are improving!
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