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When I first saw ace scorer I wonder if it is helpful to send my kids there for tuition. After joining, found that the teachers are really caring to the students. I really appreciate Teacher Joyce for opening an additional Chemistry class to accommodate our timing. Salute to you!🏻 Definitely! Especially for sec chemistry. Have […]
Initially my concerns were can I trust this establishment? Are the teachers qualified and up to date with the current school syllabus? Location is not fantastic, no train service and there is always a traffic jam going to & from the centre. However after joining, found that Ms Joyce is the star of the centre. She takes […]
Before joining we are concern about the quality of the teachers. That is, if the teacher is able to help better the understanding and management of the subject for the student. After joining Acescorers, we were impressed by the dedication of the teachers and staff. All my boys have always come back saying how much […]
Initially we wonder whether if they are good n responsible teacher, environment conducive, convenient? But after my elder son gone through the tuition with Ms Joyce,  we are totally at ease that he is in good hands n so does my younger son. Not too big a class size. Which means our kids will have […]
There was no hesitation after the tele conv with the staff n tutor, rather it was whether we are able to secure available slots. Staff were extremely responsive and there was open communication, our enquiries were duly replied. Yes will recommend others to join as we found the tutor to be genuine and sincere. Most of […]
Ace Scorers is located near my home.I am impressed by the care and dedication of its teachers, especially Mr Teng, who taught my son since he was Sec 1. Unlike other tutors whom I have met, Mr Teng is a friend and inspiring mentor to his students, never giving up hope on them. Yes I […]
Before I signed up I worry that the tuition class size might be too big a group. Since 10 yrs ago when my daughter started having Sec Science tuition saw tremendous improve from grade E to a B. So there in still confidence, thus send my 2nd child to Ace Scorers. Have recommended to many […]
Most tuition centres I visited prior to Ace Scorers are very monetary minded.  The tutors are more interested in telling me the tuition fees rather than how they can help/services they offer.  Another tutor actually belittled IGCSE curriculum over Singapore school’s curriculum in front of me. i.e.  kids taking IGCSE are not as smart. Ace […]
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