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The teacher have helped me understand the concepts I was unsure of. Ace Scorers has been very helpful in helping me in my studies. All my teachers have been very enthusiastic in their teaching. I am very grateful for the time and effort they put into the lessons. Areas of Improvement: perhaps provide more notes.
I have understood the subject better and I have managed to improve quite a bit for my school examinations. Ace Scorers has a very nice and friendly atmosphere in general as both the receptionist and teachers there are helpful and approachable. My Physics teacher has been very helpful as he does not hesitate to offer […]
I have learnt and understand the concepts better. I think that the class size is just right for me and I am able to learn well from the teacher because he is able to explain clearly and illustrate the concepts well. Moreover, I am able to clarify my doubts even with respect to schoolwork with […]
Mr Teng helps us to consolidate our Economics knowledge and gave real world examples so we can understand the concepts faster. The teachers are kind and understanding. Mr Teng is willing to explain and answer our questions patiently. Econs lesson has helped me to consolidate and revise econs knowledge that was unclear in school. It […]
Economics: Regular revision of content and extremely helpful exam strategies by going through questions. Mr Teng was extremely helpful during lessons. He is open to questions and is very knowledgeable about Economics. He explains the topics very well and make the topics easy to understand. He simplifies the thought process and I am more confident […]
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