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I’ve learnt how to answer MCQ questions with a very patient and understanding teacher who would stay back after class to clarify our doubts even if it meant eating into his own personal time. Although I joined AceScorers for a very short period, I feel that I have learnt quite a lot of tips in […]
I am initially confused and struggling with basic mechanism and question approach and which are important and not important things in the syllabus, so I am indeed glad that Mr John made it clear on these aspects. I have been here since March/April, I benefitted a lot from it as the lessons were very structured […]
I have understood my concepts to greater extent, with the help of additional knowledge from higher levels of chemistry. It gave me the confidence in taking on questions from topics I would usually skip. Ace Scorers have been effective and efficient in providing its students an all-rounded education for Chemistry. They have provided essential materials […]
My understanding for Chemistry has improved tremendously and I am able to break down the questions in an easier manner. I am able to appreciate this subject even more by learning about more than just the fundamental concepts required by the syllabus, hence allowing me to further improve regarding this course. Ace Scorers has been […]
Concepts are presented in a clear and concise manner. Overall, Mr Soh is able to explain the chemistry concepts in a clear manner , helping me to grasp them better.
Very well, learnt outside useful knowledge, strategy for A levels, Qns analysts and more! Mr Teng is a very caring and approachable teacher who spares no expense in giving us everything we need to prepare us for A levels. He not only teaches us the best strategy to attack Alevels qns but also gives us […]
Gained greater knowledge and methods. The teacher is good and helps me understand concepts which I am unclear about. The study environment is comfortable and conducive.
The Economics concept taught was concise and it provided me a wide range of information that is needed for my examinations. Mr Teng explains the concept clearly for every question, giving examples that can work when attempting the questions from different perspective. He also ensures that the student has the right thought process before moving […]
I have had a lot of opportunities and time to clarify all my doubts and I feel the subject is much less intimidating now. I attended JC 2 Math at the later part of the year as I found that I was struggling. Although it was the second part of the year and it was […]
Clarity in content, structure. Clear teaching, efficient within time schedule.
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