3-Day English Writing Course

3-Day English Writing Course

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Interesting just won’t cut it

Or, how to hook the reader from the first line

Introduction: To be able to write and communicate effectively, one must understand and know how to correctly use grammar, punctuation, spelling and the other basic rules of the English language. But having basic proficiency is only the first step. To present information and ideas effectively, one must be able to explain and analyse information, describe and convey emotions, and the like. One must also know how to structure and present information so that it is easily understood by the reader.

Target audience: For anyone with basic proficiency in English and who wants to communicate more effectively. Mainly Upper Secondary Students because this course is especially useful for students taking the ‘O’ Levels English paper.

Lesson format: Each four-hour lesson will include a situation for students to role play, after which they will discuss and then write about it. Discussions and other activities will revolve around learning points such as the use of quotes, statistics, anecdotes, descriptions and other supporting evidence to strengthen an idea or point. New words and common mistakes (Singlish versus standard English) will be incorporated into the lesson structure, as will a revision of grammar points.  Students will be given news articles from international papers, mainly British, to widen their general knowledge. This will not be passive reading but students will be asked to read and discuss current and world affairs.

Course objectives: To be able to write well-structured essays, vivid and sharp introductions, develop story ideas, and to use appropriate quotes, examples and other information. To become aware of expressions and colloquialisms that are not standard English, English versus American and other non-standard spellings and expressions, and common word misuse.  To understand that learning is life-long, they must know how and where to look for information.

Topics to cover:

  • the main types of writing – descriptive, narrative, argumentative
  • story introduction—factual/straightforward, anecdotal, delayed, question, quote/dialogue, description/dramatic
  • the so-called nutgraf – this is the story in a nutshell, so the paragraph sets out the topic, what it is about, why it matters to the reader
  • story structure – tying all the elements together
  • common mistakes – homonyms (know vs no), confused words (quite vs quiet), nonstandard words (wanna vs want to), nonstandard sentences (I like that he xxx vs I like the fact that he xxx), passive instead of active voice (passive is harder to read), name that thing (shown pictures and asked to name a certain thing), long sentences (can become convoluted and hard to understand), big words (often inappropriate), conditional tense (very common but often used wrongly)

Fees: $480 Nett

Venue: Serangoon Gardens 2A Maju Avenue S556680

Date and Time: 2015 Nov 24-26 Morning 9am to 1pm

Materials will be provided. Students need only bring their pens and notebooks.

You can make payment online by clicking the button below. You can also pay at the counter with cheque, cash or Nets.