Master the Skills in Chemistry Mole Concepts

Master the Skills in Chemistry Mole Concepts

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In ‘O’ Level Chemistry (and IGCSE), Mole Calculations is a very important component: it is the topic which is integrated with other Chemistry topics as observed in past few years of GCE ‘O’ Levels papers. Hence, Mole Concept & Calculations is the heartbeat for Chemistry & this concept will be tested on in every Chemistry Exams. Can you afford not to master well in this topic? Learn the strategies of solving the Mole Concepts questions in this workshop & set a strong foundation for your ‘O’ Level Chemistry!

Course Contents

Unit 1: Relative Masses of Atoms & Molecules

  • Relative Atomic & Molecular Mass
  • Percentage Composition & Mass of Element in a Compound

Unit 2: The Mole Concept

  • Molar Mass
  • Molar Volume of Gases
  • Concentration of Solutions
  • Empirical & Molecular Formulae

Unit 3: Calculations From Chemical Equations

  • Reacting Masses & Volumes
  • Limiting Reagents
  • Percentage Yield
  • Percentage Purity

Unit 4: Putting All Stoichiometric Concepts Together

**All Secondary 3 & 4 students (Express, IP & IB students) are eligible to join

Course Schedule

September Holiday 2015

8-10 Sep 2015 (3 days course)

10am – 2pm (Refreshment will be provided)

Course Fee

$420 + $10 material fee

Registration for above course has to be done by 6 September 2015