Testimonials for Secondary Math Tuition (Emath and Amath)

Testimonials for Secondary Math Tuition (Emath and Amath)

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I managed to brush up on weaker topics. Recap on forgotten ones and was taught important notes and steps for difficult questions. The teacher was very good. The pace was good and easy to follow. Teacher is patient and approachable. Ensures that we understand every question. I would recommend friends classmates and relatives to join. Nasheylen Victoria School Sec 4



image4I have learnt to tackle more math questions confidently. The teacher is very caring and attend to my doubts. This helps me to clear many difficult questions. Kester Maris Stella High School





image7My foundation for mathematics has improved and I have become less careless when doing math questions. Mr Vijay is a funny teacher who teaches math really well. He is one of the best math teachers I have ever had.Amanda Tan – Xinmin Secondary Sec 4




image2I am more confident in my grasp of the subject and I have also learnt many examination techniques that are and will be a great help in all my examinations and tests. I feel that ace scorers provides a conducive learning and studying environment for its students, The teachers are all very caring and helpful. They are very willing to help no matter what question we ask and they explain it to us no matter how many times from different approaches until we finally understand. I feel that the course I am attending gives us more than enough practice to help build our confidence. It is very helpful. My teacher Mr Vijay is also very approachable and makes learning much more enjoyable. I will recommend friends to join. Ga Mun Xinmin Secondary



image3I have learnt many strategies after attending the lessons and not only mathematical skills. Mr Vijay always encourages his students to do their best and never fails to provide best solutions for all my problems I face in Additional Math. He makes A maths a very technical subject into a more interesting and fun subject to do. Jing Jie Maris Stella High School Sec 4




image4I think the best benefit is being put through many practices and drills to make me confident when doing questions. I think that the course is very enriching where we reinforce our learning and correct our mistakes. The teachers are always willing to help us in answering our questions and doubts. They have cleared up many misconceptions that I have. I think that Ace Scorers has a good learning environment and it is conducive for students. I will recommend all to join. Kester Kiew Maris Stella Sec 4



image5I learnt alot of ways to overcome fear during exam, learnt new concepts. Teacher is willing to teach such that it allows me to understand. If I do not know he will reteach so that I will be able to understand. Samuel Lee Monfort Secondary














I have learnt how to solve many different types of questions across many topics and have become more confident in the subject. The teacher is very clear in his explanation and kindly explains the questions to us. The lesons are beneficial too and I have learnt many different techniques. Ryan Yap Chung Cheng High Main

I have become more empowered in how I do my math. Certainly my foundation has been strenghtened. So I hope to see better results in the upcoming year. Mr Chan is a very nice and friendly man and I can sense the enthusiasm he has for math. He does not hesitate to clear any doubts we may have. Mr Adrian is very kind as he has put in effort on how to teach us, coming up with interesting concepts we can relate to and utilize. Clarinda NCHS

I have improved in my Emath ever since I have joined. The teaher is good and encourages me to do better. He pushes me further to see me excel in my emath and get better grades than before. Aravind Dunman Secondary

image1The things that I did not understand in school, I clarified it here and I understand. The teachers are helpful and understanding. They also care about us not understanding what is happening. The course I am attending is helpful as I managed to understand what my teacher is teaching. I will recommend all to join. Mei Su CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent



Algebra Course


I have made friends and improve in my maths. Miss Joyce was so friendly throughout the entire course. I really appreciate that. Krystal Chee – Pierce Secondary School

My understanding of algebra improved. Zachary Lau  – St Gabriel

I learnt more techniques and improved on my Math. The course was nice good and beneficial. Suki – TKGS

I learnt new concepts, methods and formula that can be applied in Sec 2. The teacher was clear good and notes were sufficient. Faith Lim – Crescent Girls School

I learnt more about how to use algebra for different questions. The teacher was kind and the course was fun. Li Yeng – Guang Yang Secondary

Ms Joyce taught us simple clear methods for solving algebra in Math for secondary school. Maria – CHIJ St Joseph’s Convent