March 2014 Holiday Programmes for Students

March 2014 Holiday Programmes for Students

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Dear Parents,

To prepare and be able to handle confidently the more challenging questions asked in most schools examination, we have specially designed a series of holiday programmes during the coming school holidays in March to help students master subject skills not taught in most schools.

P6 English, Math and Science

We will be organizing PSLE English, Math and Science workshops to learn the critical topics and master simple yet effective strategies for them to be better prepared. Our interactive PSLE revision programmes for English, Math and Science is specially designed to provide students with comprehensive and expose them to easy to apply strategies that make scoring effortless, helping your child gain a competitive edge over their peers and score the results that they deserve for PSLE.

Sec 4 Emath, Amath, Chemistry, Physics

During the workshop, students will learn strong analytical and critical reasoning skills to tackle those latest killer school exam questions. They will be taught how to master and apply strategies normally obtained from experienced specialist teachers. They will also walk away with a comprehensive revision of each topic with our concise and structured notes to achieve an edge over their peers.


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PSLE Sci 12-2pm (Teng) Olvl Emath 130-430pm (Prema) PSLE Sci 12-2pm (Teng) PSLE Sci 12-2pm (Teng)
PSLE Math 2-4pm (Teng) PSLE English 2-5pm (Vasun) PSLE Math 2-4pm (Teng) PSLE Math 2-4pm (Teng) PSLE English 2-5pm (Vasun)
Olvl Pure Chem 3-6pm (Joyce) Olvl Amath 130-430pm (Prema) Olvl Pure Phy 3-6pm (Chan) Olvl Comb Phy 3-6pm (Chan)
Olvl Comb Chem 3-6pm (Joyce)

Please call our friendly receptionists at 62894551 for reservations today!